Mini Racing Team Uden (Nl)

The club has three tracks, the mythical Blue King for the Wing Cars (G7, G27), a track reserved for Scale Racing (G12, G10, GT10 or BPC etc…) and finally one for the 1/32 (Scalex, Ninco…etc)

Venue: Mini racing Team Uden (Nl)
               Parklaan 2, 5404NH UDEN (HOLLAND)
Opening times:
                every Friday from 19:00 to 23:30 X12
                and Sunday 15 times a year from 12:00 to 17:00 GT12

Catering: Ham, cheese or hard-boiled eggs sandwiches

Connection to the track: household sockets and banana plugs, US Parma colours

 Contact Person:

        Contact: Secretariat
        Mobile phone: +31 6 14265622 
E-Mail: info(@)

        Coord. GPS: 51°39’06.3″N 5°37’53.7″E

Fabulous Blue King, all sloteurs dream of one day riding on this track. It’s indeed a unique experience. Imagine, banking (a sharp turn) is taken without raising one’s foot. You then arrive in a relatively tight turn, there you have to brake or it will be the assured exit. Well, I’m not going to describe the whole trick, you’ll find out for yourself.

There are many Blue Kings around the world, it’s on this reference track that they make the world speed records. At last news it was 1,36sec and it is Petr Krcil (CZ) who realized this feat. Yes you have read well. Vidéo

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