Who we are…

The Belgian Production Championship organises a Slot Racing championship on wooden tracks.
The competition includes events that take place in 7 clubs: The M.R.T.Uden. in the Netherlands, one on the Blue King and one on the Eurosport track, one at the S.A.C Stolberg in Germany, the oldest club in the country (1963). Four new clubs join us: Speedway Hochmoor in Germany, D.S.C.A. Mechelen in Belgium and finally Slot4000 in Liège and S.R.C.Seraing. The S.R.C.B. Charleroi is set to restore a track and will return for the 2021 championship.

The cars we use are first and foremost very fast, inexpensive and technically very simple.Chassis are made of pressed metal and the engines are not working. The bodyshells are made of lexan. To avoid any escalation, we have limited the price of the chassis to a maximum of €25.00. A full car costs maximum €100.00.

The races are organised in such a way that everyone’s running time is as long as possible.
We think that strong competitors as well as less strong competitors have a good time among us.

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