The club is busy restoring this track. It will be ready for the 2021 season

Venue:  rue des Olympiades / rue  Tourette,
                6000 CHARLEROI (BELGIUM)
Opening times: every Thusday from 19:00 to 24:00 and over

Catering: reservation required, see proposals on the Facebook

Connection to the track: household sockets, US Parma colours

Contact Person:

        Contact: Raymond Kühn
        Mobile phone.: 0477 66 09 86


       Coord. GPS: 50°25’26.5″N  4°26’53.0″E

This club located very close to the Charleroi ring has two tracks, one of plastic for the Scalextrics/Ninco, very large and beautiful circuit, in digital, reproducing the track of Suzuka. The second is made of wood on which we organize two BPC handles.

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